EyeLocc™ eyelid occlusion dressings

for eye protection during general anesthesia.

Protection from moisture loss, exposure keratitis,

abrasions and possible ulceration.

Superior performance compared to

ointments,gels,tapes,pads and suturing.

Supplied sterile in an easy-open pouch.

Also available for inclusion in procedure packs.

Gold standard in perioperative eye care

during non-ocular surgery

Why Use EyeLocc™?

Easy application, gentle removal, and complete protection from chemicals used for "prepping" are just a few of the reasons why anaesthetists prefer EyeLocc™.

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EyeLocc™ in the Intensive Care Unit

27.3% of patients suffer incomplete eye closure during their stay in Intensive Care Units.

The EyeLocc™ is a useful alternative to tape and polyethylene film in keeping patient's eyes closed while maintaining their moisture, thus helping prevent exposure keratopathy in the Intensive Care Unit.